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The company “Partner Construction’’ JSC is the contractor having successfully finished a large number of commercial property, residential and industrial construction projects from design stage to production and delivery of the finished turn-key project, executing architectural, static, electrical, mechanical and automation works by means of solely force-account construction activities.

The company “Partner Construction’’ JSC, having executed a wide scope of projects such as commercial property, residential construction, arrangement of cement plant equipment, pipelines including natural gas pipelines, warehouse facilities, air-separating plants in such sectors as oil processing, food and pharmaceutical industry, proceeds with its activity in the following fields:

  • Industry: Over a long period the company had been fulfilling the construction orders that included the construction of oil storage depots, loading terminals, petroleum pipelines / distribution systems, petroleum refineries, cement plans and so on.
  • Natural gas treatment: The company took part in several huge projects, among them the arrangement of cement plant equipment in Turkey.
  • Cooling plants: The company totally executed the air separating factory construction project.
  • Food industry: The company executed a several food industry projects in Turkey and abroad, particularly, the construction of Cargill factories in Turkey.
  • Residential and business construction projects: Fulfilment of several office, business-center, miltistorey building and the related infrastructure construction projects at the territory of Turkey, Russian Federation and Romania.

The construction company “Partner Construction’’ JSC was founded in Turkey in December 2003, and since 2013 executes the construction of housing and social purpose objects  in Russia. Since its foundation, the company had finished the construction of about 30 housing and uninhabitable objects having the total area of 295000 square meters, and put them into operation. At present we are executing the construction of 55000 square meters of housing (6 projects) in Turkey; the company executes the repair-and-construction works and commercial estate construction, the construction of buildings and facilities based on steel structures. A wide scope of installation works for cement plans are being executed as well.

As to 2013, we have finished the construction and installation of the equipment at more than 10 cement plants in Russia and abroad.