The success of the company “Partner Construction” has been reached owing to the fact that all employees fulfil their tasks, acting in the spirit of self-sacrificingness, devotion to work and providing the results that are beyond the expected ones.
By its stable success and competitive advantages the company “Partner Construction” is bound to the experience and multiskillfullness of its personnel. The “Partner Construction” disclinous employees of different ethnicities, having the different educational base and working experience, can always find the prospective decision for the client that is based on the employee’s experience, ideas and personal characteristics.

Getting the employees of highest qualification and high motivation degree involved in work and providing the wide and secure communicational network are part of basic management principles of the company.

The initiatives of the employees concerning the ideas advancement and submitting the suggestions on business-processes inside the company are always being encouraged and supported.
The executives periodically meet the staff of the company’s departments, thus often providing the possibility of feedback to be fulfilled.
As the mentioned initiatives make the perfect possibilities for professional and personal development, together with that they sped up the successful development of the company “Partner Construction”.

We know that the success comes through people. We are a huge multinational family, the members of which tend to increase the value of what we are doing. We understand the important part each one of us takes in meeting the company’s needs. We respect the rights and dignity of the members of our family.

The main directions of the company’s human resources policy are the following:
Promoting the strategic aims and interests of the company;
Prompt reacting the changing needs of the employees, management and governmental bodies of the country;
Creating and supporting the “Partner Construction” reputation as the company that is preferential as the employer;

Supporting the work place culture that includes mutual trust and respect, when all the employees feel that they are appreciated, listened to, and also being in condition to contribute and do one’s best in order to fulfil the mission of the company;
Hiring the persons possessing the most suitable parameters for the position;

Providing the employees with equal possibilities and considering all the qualified candidates regardless of race, the spoken language, religion, sex, ethnicity, nation, skin color and physical development;
The firm belief in the possibility of promotion at work place. Outer sources of employees are being considered only after checking whether there is a person to fill the position inside the company;

Knowing and following the laws and lead principles regarding the employees’ functions;
Providing the employees to have the exact idea of what is expected from them at work place, helping the development by means of constructive efficiency record, training and planning the employee’s career.